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Inconsistent behavior in box select
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System Information
Operating system: MacOS and Windows
Graphics card: GeForce 108Ti and Radeon Pro 560X 4096 MB

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80 Beta

Short description of error
The mouse left button drag to select does not allow the use of the SHIFT key to deselect, but the B selection box does allow the SHIFT key to deselect. Similarly, the B selection box does not allow the use of the CTRL key to deselect but the mouse left button drag does. This is inconsistent.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Create several objects
  2. Use A to select all objects
  3. Use B to box select
  4. Hold the SHIFT key and drag the box around one of the objects
  5. Observe that it has been deselected
  6. Use A to select all objects again
  7. Without using a shortcut key, left click and drag to start a selection box
  8. Hold the shift key and drag the box around one of the objects
  9. Observe that is has NOT been deselected.

Of course there are workaround for this since you can click the Subtract button before dragging. I also notice that CTRL works instead of SHIFT to deselect (I suppose this is consistent with things like the sculpting brushes).

In any case, the 2 box select mechanisms are inconsistent with each other.



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EDIT: Sorry, my original comment was not true. This bug seems valid to me.

Select Box tool uses Shift to add and Ctrl to subtract. Ctrl+Shift does intersection.
Select Box operator uses Shift to subtract. The operator has no effect if Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift are used.

The operator works in add mode by default but that may be OK for consistency with older Blender versions.

While it could be argued that this is a bit strange, it works as intended. The B key modal operator is set to add/extend by default. We could maybe make them work more consistently, although the b key modal operator is probably easier to use when it always extends, as opposed simply dragging while using the active tool.

Yes, and I would expect the B key operator to behave the same as the Box Select tool in Add mode.

When used without a combination key, they work in the same way. Using Shift or Ctrl makes each of them do something else.

This could be easily made consistent if the B key operator would use Ctrl to subtract and Ctrl+Shift to intersect.