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Armature Rigging bugs
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In Blender 2.8 you will notice right away that there are lot of bug when try to create and rig an armature. Now the one I wanna talk about is a bug that was also in blender 2.79 I noticed. and that is copy rotation constrain in the bones. as long as there is one copy rotation source that is fine but the moment you try to tie a bone between two other bones or source (which is what I need for spine rigging) it starts to cause issues. What happen is the moment it rotates to 180 degree the bone flips. I am creating a really advance Rig......
Second problem is The local rotation space is not working the way it should or there is not an option for some Rotation Space that is necessary for rigging.... pose space should be the one that should work on every bone like they have their own space..... I need to use copy transformation constrain to rig a car so that when the car moves the tire moves as well, but when you turn it to 90 degree it doesn't work anymore.



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