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Eevee: Some parts of the mesh not displayed correctly
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Win 10, gtx970
Blender 2.8 a7c5f4f20657

Using Eevee some parts of the mesh or the glass are not displayed, or not displayed correctly when they are at the edge of the screen.
Please see the attached images and blend file.



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@Clément Foucault (fclem) I think there was already a bug about this. But I can't seem find it now.

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You do not raise the priority of tasks without the developers permission.

Some news about this bug?

Screen space effects like Screen space reflections and refractions, ambient occlusion and contact shadows, only work with what's available on screen and fade on the edges. They're not real raytraced effects. You can increase the virtual border during render by going to Render properties > Film > Overscan. Only works during render though

WWWWWoooWWWW, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
You saved my life bro!