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pie_menus_official conflicts with standard menus and space_view3d_pie_menus
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Blender Version
Broken: 2.80 beta

Short description of error
Many of the menus from the pie_menus_official addon are now standard menus and others are also duplicated in the space_view3d_pie_menus addon.

The mode, pivot, shade and snap are standard menus now, so could be removed from pie_menus_official and space_view3d_pie_menus.

The manipulator and view menus are duplicated in the pie_menus_official and space_view3d_pie_menus addons.

I'm thinking it would be worth moving the clip editor menus into space_view3d_pie_menus and remove the pie_menus_official addon instead of having two pie menu addons that add duplicate menus.

Noting that "official" pie menus are implemented without addons now.



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Actually this is more a RCS request than a bug