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BLender 2.8 cloth and rigid body
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System Information
Operating system: windows 7
Graphics card: gtx 970 4GO
Core i5-2500k RAM 8GO

Blender Version 2.80, d96596de294e

Short description of error

When i create a simulation between a cloth and a rigib body, it's doesn't work in blender 2.8

In blender 2.79 i create a plane with 40 subdivisions, then i put cloth physic after i create a sphere and put it as "rigid body" mode sphere + collision modifier in physic tab; then i create an interaction between the cloth and the rigib body shpere and it's work in blender 2.79
The sphere touch the cloth and the cloth deforming well ! But
If i try do do the scene in blender 2.80 the cloth not deforming when the rigid body "sphere" touch the cloth.
If i put my file from blender 2.79 in blender 2.80 it's work but if i use free bake and try to bake again it's does'nt work.
So, the problem his interaction between cloth and rigid body in blender 2.8



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Do you have a .blend showing the problem?

the blend file is made in blender 2.78
The ground is a plane with rigid body passive
the cube is the same
the sphere is active body with collision modifier
the plane with checker texture is the cloth
As you can see in the picture it's work correctly in blender 2.79 the collision between rigib body sphere and the cloth. But in blender 2.80 the sphere just goes throught the cloth. The cloth don't move with the collision of the sphere.

this is a short exemple in blender 2.79 a sphere rigid body enter in collision with the cloth.

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It seems like the rigid body movement is not synced to the collision mesh. I can get the cloth to collide with the ball, but only on its start position.
The cloth collides with the ball as if it were static even though the ball is rolling away.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) is sergof the right person for this?