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3D Viewport problems
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System Information
Operating system: Intel i5-4200U laptop, Win 8.1
Graphics card: no additional GPU

Blender Version
Broken: blender-2.80-a77b63c56943-win64

On startup (clean install), the 3D viewport ic completely black, except for the 3d cursor (see attached image{F6181922}). Only when entering edit mode, and clicking numpad 0-9 (not 5), then the viewport is displayed properly.
If Shading is set to rendered, the background shows a seried fo colors (grd, green, blue and black. LookDev appears fine, but Wireframe shows a similar RGB screen, with an odd horizon effect


Note that the grid os not visible in any of the shading sets except for Solid mode after the edit mode fix.

In edit mode, the selected edge is not highlighted (ok for vertices and faces)

Selecting an object does not highlight properly (works after edit mode fix)