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When an armature is animated one bone
after another and reaches a certain
complexity with numerous rotations on the
bones, the conversion of the action
into strip gives incoherents results (see
the file herewith),
even though in the classic action mode
everything works perfectly.
It seems that the quaternions are badly
converted in the strip.
I have done many tests :
Armature symmetrically made.
Armature made in one and only piece.
Armature realised from facing views,
profil or top views.
Using the CTRL+N on all the bones in
edition mode.
Using the CTRL+A on the whole
Adjusted to flat the W quaternion in the
Ipo's, before the conversion into
Adjusted to flat the Z quaternion in the
Ipo's, before the conversion into

Whatever I do, the conversion into strip
gives an incoherent result
on the rotations and I have to use a
second armature that controls
the first one with IKA's solvers ans
constraints to obtain a nearly correct
result, that's really annoying.

I've also tested the whole process above,
in all the Blender version
since the NLA creation, but the bug
appears in all the versions.

Thanks to see if this bug can be


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