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UV IMAGE EDITOR: Popup information fails to show
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System Information
Operating system: Linux amd65
Graphics card: NVidia 845M, also tested non-discrete Intel GPU

Blender Version
Broken: master January 5, 2018
Worked: 2.79 lineage

UV Image editor RGB popup that appears in black along bottom fails to appear

When left clicking in the UV Image window, no popup appears revealing the internal RGB and transformed RGB values.



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Seems like the mouse buttons are swapped - the information banner appears when holding down RMB in Blender 2.8. In the keymap, the image.sample operator is indeed assigned to the right mouse button now. I couldn't find any documentation regarding this change in though, maybe that was unintended?

See screenshot:

Yes. I suspected that, but for me, the darn popup still isn't appearing. Even tried assigning it to a keypress.

Possible some weird GL weirdness.

Since the split of UV Editor / Image Editor, this is only working in the Image Editor.
This could be made to work in the UV Editor as well [without looking at the code I suspect the poll() needs to be adjusted ], question is: is this really desirable?
@Troy Sobotka (sobotka) : are you saying this is not working for you in the Image Editor as well?

Who knew! Thanks @Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) that indeed was the difference.

I had erroneously concluded it was implemented in both, and flipped th UV to Viewer Node expecting the same behaviour.

PEBCAK apparently, although it might be worth considering the same for UV given the need to evaluate values? I'm out of my depth there.

Thanks so much for clarifying.

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Flagging as resolved.

related discussion is here T54744 btw. [pro and cons about the editor split]