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Transforming a hidden object (hidden via Outliner>Eye-Icon) crashes Blender application
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System Information
Operating system: Linux Ubuntu 18.04.1LTS
Graphics card: nvidia 1060 mobile
Note: see attached "system-info.txt" for further details

Blender Version
Blender 2.80 Beta Date:2019-01-03 17:12 Hash: a30bdcc142f1 (as from Splashscreen)

Short description of error
Transforming/Moving/Scaling/Rotating an object, which has been hidden via the corresponding "eye" icon in the Outliner window, crashes Blender.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

Bug is easy to consistently reproduce starting from the default scene:

  1. Start from the default scene that Blender presents you with when opened;
  2. Right-click mouse on the default cube object to select it;
  3. In the Outliner window click on the "eye" icon relative to the viewport-visibility of the default cube object, in such a way to have the cube hidden/invisible in the Viewport but still selected as from step 2.;
  4. With the default cube object hidden but still selected press "G" key to grab/translate the hidden object and drag the mouse to move the cube object to a new position;
  5. When you left-click mouse in order to confirm translation of the cube object to the new position Blender will crash/exit.

Notes: The same behavior happens both when you try to translate "G" or scale "S" the hidden object: Blender crashes on confirmation of the attempted transformation; if you try and rotate "R" the hidden object, then Blender crashes as soon as you drag the mouse to rotate, even before left or right mouse-clicking for confirmation/cancel of the operation.


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