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Log access on managers
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When viewing a task, it's possible to see the full log on the manager (via the "View Low on Manager") button. How do we handle the case when a manager is not in our LAN?



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We can have the Manager upload it to the Server on demand, for example by piggy-backing the 'depsgraph' endpoint the Manager uses to pull any changed tasks from the Server.

So this would be a parallel queue of "tasks" that are accessible from the "dpsgraph/dispatch" endpoint.
The main difference is that they would be performed directly by the manager?
Could this system be also used for uploading render previews to the server, or should that be part of the job definition?

I wasn't thinking about encoding those as actual Tasks, but more as an extra payload in the same way we now also handle task cancellation requests. It would be just a list of job+task IDs to upload to the server. I'll have to think about it more to come up with a nice design that both works rapidly enough (when there are no workers asking for tasks, the Manager only infrequently polls that endpoint) and also doesn't load the server too much.

Implemented & deployed to production.