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Clang-format migration: Update documentation on IDE settings for Blender
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The updated automatic formatting is great, but could cause disruption if developers IDEs are configured for the "old" Blender style. This task is to:

  1. Find any documentation hiding away describing IDE setup for Blender, and adding a "Deprecated - see new clang format docs" link.
  2. Ongoing, gradually update all the individual IDE documentation on how to configure the IDE for the new clang-format world. Many IDEs natively support this, so hopefully this is not too much work.

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Keir Mierle (keir) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.Jan 7 2019, 5:44 PM
Keir Mierle (keir) created this task.

On windows .clang-format and .editorconfig will override any of the defaults set in VS unless the user deliberately goes out of their way to disable support for it.

However VS seems to run it's auto-formatting as irregular intervals (pasting code and entering { and } seem popular points for it to format code, but not while typing generally) so while the IDE will definitely help writing nicely formatted code. It's hard to guarantee it'll always follows our standards, and I would still advocate for a

  • make changes to code
  • validate it still builds
  • run make format
  • arc/git diff

workflow for submitting code to us, given some users seem to struggle with the command line (various issues here, from not knowing how to use it at all, to I don't use cmd.exe I use powershell/git bash/who knows what instead, where our make.bat just doesn't work) I'd prefer the formatting to be a cmake project they can right click and build in the IDE (along the same lines of the INSTALL project) however this is perhaps better discussed in T60279.