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Issues with custom node registration (annotation issue)
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Having some confusing issues trying to port our appleseed exporter to 2.8

During registration I see a number of reports like the following:

"make annotation: AppleseedasAreaLightNode.in_intensity"

Which is all good. But for some reason I also see this:

"Warning: class AppleseedasAreaLightNode contains a properties which should be an annotation!"

Now it doesn't tell me which property it's keying on for that, and all node properties are listed with "make annotation" messages. I do have a number of internal variables which are using default Python types (as they are not adjustable or accessible to users), but according to the release notes these do not need to be annotations since they aren't bpy.props variables. In any case I have no idea what the properties are that supposedly need to be an annotation. Some additional feedback prompts would help here.



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Or am I reading it wrong in that I need to make that property an annotation? If so, this new requirement completely breaks our node creation system, which is based on dynamically creating the node classes based on OSL shader metadata

Afaics the ...contains a properties which should be an annotation warning is printed as a summary for all the other make annotation: ... warnings.
So you get this once and then all the specific ones for each property.

So are you saying you get a warning also for properties which are not from bpy.props?

No, it appears I misread the warnings by thinking they were status messages instead. The properties in question are dynamically created during module registration using setattr, apparently that no longer works? Is there an alternative?

We build the node dynamically based on the OSL shaders that are available to appleseed so we don't want to hard code our properties beforehand.

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User error, not a bug.