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Can not close windows
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Out of everything this program does and I need a tutorial video in order to figure out how to close a window? Absolutely ridiculous amounts of incompetents or stupidity here. I don't even want to use this program anymore if I'm going to run into counter intuitive bullshit like this. Get your priorities in order.



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A video with 65k views that explains how to close a window in this program. Ridiculous. Now I know why this program is free.

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eh, calm down please...
[using words ridiculous, incompetent, stupidity, bullshit in your very first appearance doesnt really help bulding up a fruitful relationship...]

this place is for reporting bugs, for advice on how to use blender you are better of asking at

If you are talking about splitting/joining areas, you could have had a look at the manual (simple as that) here

but since it seems you've made a decision to not use blender anymore already...