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Cycles and eevee won't render
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System Information
Operating system:win10
Graphics card: Radeon rx 460

Blender Version

When trying to render only the new window with the bricks shows up and nothing happens no matter how much time passes.
The problem might be in the border option

If they are on on both engines, they dont work and say that they are not supported...

I have tried:

  1. Turning the program off and on
  2. Changing render options
  3. Changing between GPU and CPU rendering ( i know my gpu is not supported)
  4. Running the older version of the project works and renders properly but the amount of work done keeps me from rolling back to it...

Something to consider:

There are two Blender1 files...



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The error message indicates that you have video sequence and border rendering enabled, and that it is not supported to have both at the same time.

This means you should either disable border rendering, or disable video sequencer rendering. You can do the latter this by disabling it in the Post Processing panel, or opening the video sequence editor and removing any strips there (perhaps added unintentionally).

I did have something in the SR and forgot to remove it. How ever i did turn off border rendering (one of the first things i tried... ) and it still didnt render.