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LookDev HDRI map is deleted from disk when removed in Preferences
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Issue: LookDev HDRI images are deleted from local file system when the file is removed from the User Preferences.

Expected Results: When the file is removed from the Preferences panel the file will still remain on disk.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Load an HDRI Image in the Preferences panel.

  1. The LookDev image appears in the Preferences panel and in File Explorer:

  1. Click the Minus button in the Preferences panel to remove the HDRI Image:

  1. The HDRI Image is removed from the Preferences panel AND the File Explorer.



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Ryan (mrleemrlee) triaged this task as Normal priority.
Ryan (mrleemrlee) added a comment.EditedFri, Jan 11, 11:03 PM

OS: Windows 10 Education
Blender Beta Version: 2.80 Hash: 80ffa73b3f87, Jan 10, 2019