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Bug with blender pattern
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I installed a pre-ready file from a Corvette for an animation, but now I do not want it anymore.
I delete it, but after I opened Blender, it was still there.
I decided to uninstall Blender to see if it solved the problem, but it did not work.
Right after I uninstalled, I looked on my computer for all folders named "Blender", and there was nothing. So I installed again and I still opened the Corvette pre-ready file.
I need to do an animation and a character modeling, but I can not, because the creator of the file has edited all the cameras (Front, Left, Right ...), the animations camera itself, the properties, etc. .

For more details or better contact, my email is "".



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You have accidentally saved this file as a startup file (File > Save Startup File).

You can reset to factory settings with File > Load Factory Settings, or make changes to the scene and then save the startup file again.