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Grease penci Fill issue
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System Information
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.14.2
Graphics card:

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80 Beta, last download, Friday the 11.01
(example: 2.79b release)
(example: 2.80, edbf15d3c044, blender2.8, 2018-11-28, as found on the splash screen)
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
Ex: drawing an arc (half a circle fill) and delete the points which form its stright line, go back to Draw, make the same arc, the line points will be missing while the form is the same.

It's abstract, better check my Blend
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
In the Blend file, I wanted to create a shadow below the jaws.

I left there the shadow below without the points.

To reproduce:
You can delete it and draw an arc fill shadow. Enter then Edit mode and delete the Arc's straight line (points only).
Go back to Draw, delete this form. And draw another arc, go back to edit mode, and note that these points don't exist even if the form is the same.

NB - I actually could do it with my Mouse as I wasn't precise enough - I think this is also worth taking into consideration - How to draw precisely shadows, outlines, as it seems a light hand and pencil and pad are the only way to do it.

Accordingly, I draw an arc, which covers also the part of the mouth. I entered edit mode and played with the points. I deleted the points that formed the upper line (where the shadow should not be) - as this manipulation didn't work, I deleted and started again. The next form, presented the same form but without the points, so I could not even tweak them in the Edit mode.
In any case, the new form should not be conditioned by what was done before to another form in edit mode.



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@Yariv (donbonbon) I'm not sure I entirely understand the issue. Could you perhaps upload some images to help explain the issue?

I resend it, as my email marked my reply undelivered

Many thanks for your dedicated work, it feels great!

I'll refere here to two issues that mentioned and some that appear only today:

  1. Missing Points -

I attached here some screenshots for the first issue.

I craeted a form, enter the Edit mode, and deleted the points on the top line (close to the nose).

(I did it yesterday as i tried to arrange the points below the jaw. )

Then I selected the remainder of the points, and deleted them.

I went back to Draw mode and made a new draw. Then I entered again Edit Mode

You can see in the second form (which differs from the first one but drawn on similar area) that it doesn't have any points on the top line.

Which is strange as there should be no connection between the forms.

Then I tried to film the screen and actually discovered more strange issues:

  1. Herein attached film of my screen while I tried to add a new key frame. I only scaled it.

Here you can note three different issues:

  1. At some cases the sketch disappeared when it reach the second key frame.

see first video:


  1. I couldn't control the interpolation - that is, if I select Bezier or Linear it still act as constant. Changing only at frame 12.

see second video attached:

  1. Select with the mouse, I couldn't see the mouse icon appears on the point i located it, which is confortable.

I hope it makes it clearer, let me know if more info is needed

Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.

Only one issue per ticket.

I can't seem to reproduce the first issue reported in this ticket.

If I delete the points in edit mode, go to draw mode and draw a new stroke and then go back to edit mode, it seem to work as expected.

Is this still an issue for you?

Not sure what you mean with control interpolation, but if you are talking of the Dopesheet interpolation modes, this doesn't exist in grease pencil. In gpencil the interpolation is always constant and the next keyframe replaces previous one, but never there is a linear or bezier transition, this is not logic in 2D animation.

Demeter Dzadik (Mets) closed this task as Archived.
Demeter Dzadik (Mets) claimed this task.

Closing due to no response in a long time.

If you can still reproduce (any of) the issue(s) and definitely think they are a bug, I'd recommend re-submitting with a clearer explanation, sticking to a single issue per report. Thanks!