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BlenderKit Blender 2.8
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BlenderKit is an addon submitted under the commercial add-on offering.

Allows search, download, and upload of materials, brushes, and models, all from an online database. Materials and brushes are free, as is part of the model database. Part of the model database is created by blender artists and accessible through a community - shared subscription. more info on our website -

Since the old wiki is locked, I can not add a new addon page. I put together a simple text that might be enough when the wiki is open again (while more detailed instructions are on our site and youtube channel)

I'm ready to react to anything that might block including the addon into Blender.



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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) triaged this task as Normal priority.Mon, Jan 21, 4:52 PM

For the decision about inclusion I'll defer to @Ton Roosendaal (ton). If that's approved someone will need to do a basic review and then you would maintain it in the add-ons repository.

For documentation I think linking to your website is fine, it's not clear yet what we will do with the add-ons wiki.

One immediate issue is that 14MB is too big, we can't increase the Blender download size that much for individual add-ons. Maybe you could dynamically download the .blend file(s), and instead of bundling a .hdr file use the studiolight EXRs bundled with Blender. That brings it down to a reasonable size.

Thanks for reaction .
Reducing size should be easy. I forgot about the .hdr, it was on my todo list to be removed. Second size-eater is material fluid preview object, which can be either downloaded , reduced or removed by now. Will do these asap.

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) renamed this task from BlenderKit to BlenderKit Blender 2.8.Fri, Feb 15, 2:10 AM