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BlenderKit Blender 2.8
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BlenderKit is an addon submitted under the commercial add-on offering.

Allows search, download, and upload of materials, brushes, and models, all from an online database. Materials and brushes are free, as is part of the model database. Part of the model database is created by blender artists and accessible through a community - shared subscription. more info on our website -

Since the old wiki is locked, I can not add a new addon page. I put together a simple text that might be enough when the wiki is open again (while more detailed instructions are on our site and youtube channel)

I'm ready to react to anything that might block including the addon into Blender.

updating to the last version with some bugfixes:

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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.Jan 21 2019, 4:52 PM

For the decision about inclusion I'll defer to @Ton Roosendaal (ton). If that's approved someone will need to do a basic review and then you would maintain it in the add-ons repository.

For documentation I think linking to your website is fine, it's not clear yet what we will do with the add-ons wiki.

One immediate issue is that 14MB is too big, we can't increase the Blender download size that much for individual add-ons. Maybe you could dynamically download the .blend file(s), and instead of bundling a .hdr file use the studiolight EXRs bundled with Blender. That brings it down to a reasonable size.

Thanks for reaction .
Reducing size should be easy. I forgot about the .hdr, it was on my todo list to be removed. Second size-eater is material fluid preview object, which can be either downloaded , reduced or removed by now. Will do these asap.

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) renamed this task from BlenderKit to BlenderKit Blender 2.8.Feb 15 2019, 2:10 AM

Tha update took a bit longer.
The size is now down to cca 900 kb. Main reason was a big fluid preview object + a small HDR file. It now uses Blender's HDR and a much smaller file for previews.
Also many bugfixes.
We develop the addon almost every day, so we are devoted to keep it nice an clean also in the release of blender.

Ton Roosendaal (ton) added a comment.EditedMar 19 2019, 5:41 PM

Just for clarity - I can give a permission based on "this would fit Blender as addon, conceptually". The code review would look at all the guidelines for add-ons, including sane use of internet, no ads in the UI etc.

The addon for me is acceptable to be included, so please check if it technically works too.

Just updated the addon to the last version with some bugfixes..

Two things I noticed when testing the add-on:

  • Property and operator names are no capitalized correctly. They should be capitalized like titles, e.g. "Link Groups", "Depth of Field", ... .
  • When I tried to drag an object into the viewport, I got an "Invalid or library object as input:" message in the statusbar. Only in the console did I find the actual reason: "{"detail":"Users plan doesnt allow to download this: Limit of models exceeded. The limit is 0 items.","statusCode":403}

A few things found when reading the code:

  • Only has a license header, we normally put it in all .py files.
  • We try to format our own Python code with pep8 guidelines, there are tools to automatically format it that way. It's not required for all scripts though.
  • There's a file called, I suggest renaming that since someone might guess it does something like Google Analytics while it's not actually that.

Since you're already a member of the add-ons project, I think this is ok to go in and you can maintain and improve it.

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Jun 9 2019, 3:12 AM

closing as resolved, addon is in release. Further issue should be reported as bugs or new task

I would like to ask the Blenderkit dev if this addon collects data on the users even if the addon is not actively used inside Blender.

I also recommend that you provide a snapshot of the collected data (when the addon is activated and just before sending the data back to your servers) that is collected from the user, to make sure the user's are informed correctly. I am not saying there is malicious intention here however we need to make sure openness and transparency is one of the goals of the add-ons and the developer's of these addons.

According to the privacy policy of this addon, some stuff is collected. I would hate to see that Blender will become a data collecting platform in the future, which then the incentive will be to write addons to collect data rather than to write addons to improve Blender and the user experience.


The addon doesn't collect nor send any data when not actively used.

If actively used, all data collected has a direct connection to the mere ability to use the add-on by now. Probably any website you visit collects 10x more data ;)

The data collected if the add-on is used is asset usages, which are connected with the scene-id (uuid). This is because how we share the subscription money with creators - if the user uses an asset in a new scene, it counts again in the redistribution, so we need to distinguish scenes one from another.

Another data sent is what user willingly inputs - like the user's asset ratings.

If we would ever extend what data we collect, it would be only to improve what we do. Anything that is beyond what is needed to bare use of the addon would be by default of and possibly switched on by users willing to help us.

We are a team of 2 people who are long-time open-source enthusiasts. We are for maximum openness.

@Vilem Duha (pildanovak)

Thanks for the reply. All this sounds good.

Please ignore this request if it is there, but I would recommend that there could be an option to the privacy policy page in the addon settings tab.