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Apply Object Transform not doing anything by default, needs UX review
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Operating system: Windows
Graphics card: nvidia Geforce

Broken: 2.80 beta, dd3f5186260e, blender2.8, 2019-01-21

By default, when applying transform from F3 Apply Object Transform, the transforms are not applied. A window appears collapsed at the bottom with settings being unchecked except for Properties. Of course if we check Position & Scale etc. things work properly. This is not a bug, but a major UX issue. With 2.8, this type of UX needs a serious review, the purpose is to make 2.8 more accessible and this type of UX is inappropriate.

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I tend to agree. Will change it and let the ui team decide in the review.

I may add as suggestion for UX review the following:

  1. a command should do, by default, what its label says it is doing
  2. if a command contains options, they need to be easily accessible during operation of the command (i.e. being visible and potentially user hinted at their presence).

The Apply Object Transform case here is an example of breaking of these two principles, but there may be other cases like this i nthe software. I think a more global UX review would be good to have.