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Nested grease pencil , becomes uneditable after nested and deleted
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win 10
intel i5
amd radeon

blender 2.80
Hash :7707bf203c0f

Grease pencil becomes uneditable after creating another nested grease pencil within it

Steps to reproduce
-Start file new general
-delete cube
-shift+A , create grease pencil 'blank '
-Go into draw mode and draw some stuff
-Now go into edit mode of the grease pencil object and ad another blank grease pencil object ( shift a )
-Blender scene collection now clearly shows 2 grease pencil objects
-Delete the lastly created grease .Pen object ,

Now the original grease pencil object becomes uneidtable , nor drawable

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Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) claimed this task.
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I think the problem is the add object menu must be disabled in Edit mode, no sense add an object to an existing object. I will handle this.