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Shift clicking vertices that fall inside radius of transform gizmo ( centre white circle )
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win 10
am radeon
intel i5

2.80 beta
Hash 770bf203c0f

Mulitple Vertices can not be selected with left mouse button (shift clicking , when these are located inside the radius of the white circle of the transform gizmo .

This was no problem is previous blender pre 2.8 versions



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Edit: I mean the small centre circle of the move gizmo

INsert a sphere , set segments and rings to 100
Go into edit mode , bring up the move gizmo , make multiple vertices are located within the centre white circle .
You can't shift select .

I see what you mean. However, I don't think this is a bug.
Is there some reason for not just zooming in a bit more?

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton), maybe users should be able to click through the gizmo when the shift key is down.

I think users should be able to select through the gizmo at all times. We already differentiate between click and drag actions. IMO this is actually fairly important, otherwise the gizmo will always be in the way for selection.

As long as the vertices are located within the radius of the transform/move gizmo , zooming in doesn't help either .
The rotate gizmo is the largest of them all , and everything inside the radius is unselectable with the left mouse button
That's the whole point :)
For me this is a major show stopper , if was possible in previous versions why not in 2.8 ?
Sure the new gizmo looks nice , but it shouldn't be in the way of getting basic things done.

FYI, this also did not work in 2.7x. The major difference here is that left click select is now default.

Load up blender 2.7 and select some vertices ( with the shift + right mouse button ) which falls inside the rotate and or move gizmo
It will select multiple vertices
And since right click is now left click in 2.8 , I would expect the same behaviour

First picture , shows vertices selected in 2.7 with shift +right click

Second picture shows blender 2.8 and the unability to do so

You are incorrect. Blender 2.7 had the same problem when using left click select. The gizmo blocks selection. This should be solved but it is not a new issue.

Seriously , who said anything about left click select in 2.7
I am talking about the los of a feature , which was done by right clicking in 2.7 , but has become impossible by left clicking +gizmo radius in 2.8
In blender 2.7 , selecting a single vertex was done with the right mouse button
Adding vertices to this selection was done by shift + right click and so we could select 1.2.3. or more etc
We could also do ctrl+left click for lasso selection but this is not the issue here
JUst load blender 2.7 , create a sphere with a lot of vertices and enable the rotate gizmo
Now select 5 vertices by shift + right clicking inside the rotate gizmo
Saying that it's impossible is just ..ahum not telling the truth :)
And since right click is now left click in 2.8 , I excpect the same
Simpe additivve selction method without grabbing the lasso tool
What's so difficult to understand ?

Not a lie nor lost feature. Blender 2.8 still has Right click select, which you can change in the preferences of 2.8, and you don't have to deal with that "bug", you can select anything inside the circle of the gizmo with no problem. And Left click select existed in 2.79 as well, which you can change, again, in the user preferences of 2.79 and youll find a similar issue.

However there is a difference in behaviour. In 2.79, using left click select and using the rotation gizmo, only the small white circle rotates the mesh in Trackball mode, leaving more room to select, you can still accidentally click the gizmo instead of selecting though. In 2.8 however, the trackball rotation circle is much larger, to accomodate for translation when using the combined gizmo I suppose. It's more of a design decision than a bug, and in my opinion not a big since that's an inherent problem with having the same button for both selection and action, and right click select is still superior in that regard. If you don't want to accidentally click something with left click and be forced to use the lasso, you can switch to right click.

I agree that for those that want to use left click it can be annoying, maybe a modifier key would be useful here?

The fundamental issue is the same. When using left click select, the gizmo always steals the input, even if you just click to select and don’t drag the gizmo. This was the case in 2.7 and in 2.8. We can solve this by making the gizmo react to drag gestures when using left click select.

Back to right clicking it is then .
One behaviour I can't get back , is when releasing the right mouse button while dragging a vertice , it should snap back to it's original position

That also is an option that was also there in 2.79 but now is a default. It's called Release Confirms and it's in Preferences>Input>Devices>Mouse

Set Preferences > input > Mouse > Release Confirms to Off.

In any case we should address the issue of being able to select through gizmos when using left click select.

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We already have a task for improving left click select: T57918: Tweaks & Fixes for Improved Left Click Select Support (Parent task)

Further I see no bug here that should be handled separate from that task.

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