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Boolean Difference doesn't work properly
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: Gigabyte R9 270x

Blender Version
2.80b, 7c438e5366b2, blender2.8b, 2018-12-28

Short description of error

"Difference" in old video looks and works differently in comparison with the app

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Create cube and cylinder and try to create "cube minus cylinder". In video works normally but in beta app it just makes an empty hole inside the cube.



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I see no bug. It works the same, except for the fact that it creates Ngons instead of Triangulation. Hide the cilinder or apply the modifier and you'll see that it works fine. Maybe you got confused because you are in Wireframe without Xray mode and you couldn't see the interior, press Alt+Z to toggle Xray. Also, that's a very old version of blender to compare it to. 2.79's boolean works much in the same way as in 2.8, with Ngons instead of triangulation

I have found out that it works normal if the cylinder is smaller than cube.

But if create a default cube (1x1x1), a default cylinder (diameter == 1), slightly move cylinder up and try to create the same "difference between cube and cylinder" - it causes random bugs. In this concrete case "difference" works like "union"!

Yeah, boolean doesn't work well with edges and faces that have 0 distance and are parallel. It's a known limitation

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@Wo!262 (wo262) is right, this is a known limitation.