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Errors importing obj file from Daz Studio
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 620 (Lenovo X1 Carbon Intel Core i7 16GB)

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80 beta

I am a noob at Blender but have been in the software business for decades, and have been using Windows and writing code for it since Version 1, around 1984. I installed Blender 2.8 beta so I can create content for Daz3D. I installed it on my laptop, a brand new Lenovo X1 Carbon with a Core i7 and 16GB memory, in C:\Program Files\ folder, in a subfolder called Blender 2.8.

The application comes up fine and I was able to do most of the basic operations.

I exported a figure from Daz3D in Wavefront OBJ format, and tried to import it into Blender. I immediately saw several Error messages, but I was unable to capture these error messages because the window containing them disappeared immediately when I moved the mouse for the Snipping tool to try and screen capture it.

I seems the error occurred in some Python code, \scripts\addons\io_scene_obj\ line 145, called from other places ... I have retried the import at least 15 times now so I can see these messages but they keep vanishing. At the end of the series of errors, I saw "sequences of dimension 0 should contain 4 items, not 3.

IMHO the fact that the error message disappears immediately like that is also a bug.

Also, the manual contains no reference to a log file. Is there one? If so it seems to be completely undocumented.



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To see Python errors, just click on the Scripting workspace.
The wavefront importer uses the same code, this is already fixed in rB1ceaca7f646c

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Will mark this as resolved then.

[If issues remaing, please comment again here and upload the .obj along with the .mtl and we can have a look...]

How do I find the build that includes this fix? As far as I can see the only release so far is still just "Blender 2.80"

You can compare the datum or the hash value

The current nightly beta version includes the fixes from yesterday.