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Undo System Bugs (parent task)
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There are various bugs in the undo system, this parent task is to have an overview of the remaining task.

Errors with tests:

  • all fixed

Needs investigation:

  • T59340: Python custom Operators fail to Undo properly if executed while in edit mode.
  • T54936: Crash - Undoing boolean operation with mirror mod.
  • T61263: Undo steps with texture paint break across memfile steps

Low Priority:

  • T61080: Undo not working at all when you disable "Global Undo".


  • T60934: Undo crashes when calling bpy.ops.ed.undo_history(index=0) from Python.
  • T61032: Sculpt resets when undoing.
  • T61047: Undo edit-mesh separate selection crashes.
  • T61048: Undo texture paint multiple times crashes.
  • T61049: Undo dynamic topology sculpt asserts.
  • T61191: First Undo Step missing in Text Editor.
  • T61272: Undo fails to track objects moving in/out of edit mode w/ multi-editmode.



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