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Interpolation changes using the Active Keyframe panel in the graph editor aren't updating 3D viewport
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Operating system: Pop!_OS (Debian) 18.10
Graphics card: GTX Titan X

Blender Version
2.80 77eaa4790d37
Worked: (optional)

Interpolation settings in the graph editor in the Active Keyframe section of the panel aren't updating the motion in the 3D viewport.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Using 'interpolation-mode-bug-test.blend'

  • Press play. The cube should move along the x axis.
  • While still playing, change the interpolation mode using the UI dropdown in the graph editor.
  • The motion of the cube doesn't change.
  • Press 'T' to change the interpolation mode. Upon choosing a mode (can be the same as the existing mode or a new mode) the animation updates as it should.
  • Try changing any value under the 'Active Keyframe' section. The changes aren't updated in the 3D viewport.