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Proposal: improve functionality of Randomise Transform
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I personally find the way Randomise Transform works to be a bit confusing. The problem goes for all modes (location, rotation, scale) but it is most noticeable when randomising scale.

If I understand it correctly, setting the number to 1.15 would set the boundaries for the randomisation to 0.85 - 1.15, which is not very clear in this UI. It gets worse when I set it to a number below 1 - is it still the maximum? What's the minimum then?

I would like to propose the following design for this: work with actual, defined boundaries - minimum and maximum values.

Though it's not really a huge issue in the location and rotation modes, I would extend it there for consistency.

While not exactly easier on the eyes than the current UI, I feel this offers more control and predictability than using one number that the user has to imagine going in both directions of the axis. And when scaling, no-idea-where.



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For location and rotation randomization, an option to toggle between transforming along local (object) axis or global (scene) coordinates would also be very welcome.
For scale we only need to keep the Scale Uniform option