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Spherify modifier
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To take a look at the modifiers code I added a very simple "Spherify" modifier, using the "to sphere" code.

Maybe this is useful enough to be added, it's a common tool in other programs.


- Deforms its mesh like the "to sphere" button or the "push / pull" transform

The advantages, if enough to justify it, are that this is a modifier, the effect can be finely tweaked and animated.

- The effect can be restricted per axis

There are X/Y/Z axes toggles in the interface.

- The factor can go beyond [0.0, 1.0]

Right now it's codes in [-10.0, 10.0]. The "To Sphere" button only does [0.0, 1.0] and the push/pull transform inflates the object, so this works a little differently.

Values out of the 0-1 interval give "interesting" results.

- Accepts an object whose location is used as "center of the sphere"

The realtime equivalents can use the 3d cursor for that. Using an object makes it easy to animate, of course.

- Accepts a vertex group to restrict the effect to parts of the mesh

Painting weights, then, gives further control over the final deformation, in real time.

To do:

- More testing, maybe a little code cleanup.

- Define good limits for the factor. Maybe keep [-1.0, 1.0] as default and have a toggle to allow it to expand to [-10.0, 10.0] or more.

- Define the name: Spherify, Spherize, To Sphere?