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Whole UI is flickering
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 1050TI 4gb

Blender Version-
Broken: 2.80 Beta, 07765499abee, 2019-02-05
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
In the program without any preferences used when the cursor cross the border betwen separate interfaces e.g. betwen scene collections and properties. Flickering itself is noticeble but weak changing of brightness or color. At the closer look it seems like it is changing noise level, but not only in viewport but in whole UI. Flickers follows next order:

  1. Cursor is holds, nothing happened
  2. Cursor moves across the border of interfaces, whole ui is dim a bit, stands until the cursor stops.
  3. When the cursor stops a secons or less goes, and brightness come back as it was.

On the viewport it seems like the further the point from observer, the brighter the dim will be. It is also flickers when any actions with objects or observer happening.
If I start blender with internal gpu the problem disapears.
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Start blender with external gpu.
  2. Set the observer angle of view the way that it will see the horizon, in the process flickering already should be noticeble.
  3. Move cursor around the interfaces, interact with viewport.



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This problem also exists in a current steam blender version (2.79b)

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So this does not happen if you run blender with your intel GPU?

Make sure both your intel drivers and nvidia drivers are up to date:

As you also have this issue with 2.79, this is very likely to be a driver issue.

Just updated everything, problem stays

Does it happen in 2.8 if you download this dll and copy it so its located in the same directory as 'blender.exe' and run Blender normally?

No, but it seems like my videocard doesnt involved that way

Well that dll forces software rendering. So if it doesn't happen with it. Your GPU is to blame for the flickering not blender.

Do you have any options forced on in the nvidia settings like AA/AF?

Anisotropic Filtering setting setup in control by application mode.
AA - FXAA - off
AA - gamma correction - on
AA - settings - control by application mode and this setting is not active, cant change it
AA - transparency - off
AA - mode - control by application

Can you see if messing around with any of the settings (not just the ones you listed) helps?

I tried to change separatly every setting that can be applied to blender, nothing changes

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I don't think there is much more we can do here to help you. As it works with the software ,dll, this is not a blender issue.

Don't think I will get any help on nvidia forums as it is completely dead. But still thank you for your attention, never seen such fast tech support forums.

I'm just sad we couldn't find a solution to your problem... :c