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"hide_viewport" conflict with drivers.
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Ubuntu 18.10
Graphics card: 1070 ti

work: 1 weeks before....
Broken: >>> b'09f45057124f' (I'm building 2.8)

I attached a scene.
The visibility (hide_viewport) is not refresh in viewport.
I set the Cube driver on this way >>>> bpy.context.object.driver_add("hide_viewport") <<<< classic way.

Select bone and change custom property (VIS).



Event Timeline

I think animating the viewport visibility is not supported atm, not sure if that changed.

And tbh, I don't know why two icons change in this file when changing the VIS property.

the possibility of hiding an object is very important.
We are now doing a rig that has many characters, and we can switch between them.

Juan Pablo Bouza's blenrig also uses it.

I think it's a very important option. At least we need an alternative that does not calculate the mesh.

we could use a mask modifier, but it's not the same

Thanks x 1000!