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zoom/translate of viewport locks up
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Operating system: Ubuntu 18.10
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Broken: 2.80beta, 69b2f5268114

Using the attached test.blend, open Blender with no config directory.

Hold ctrl and MMB-drag-up and zoom in -- observe that it stops relatively soon and refuses to zoom further.

If you keep trying to zoom in against the stop (perhaps 5 or 10 screen heights) it "locks" the position of the view.

After that, you can not zoom in or out, and you can not translate the view with shift-MMB-drag. Pivoting the view with MMB-drag still works.

Hitting "home" resets the view and things work again.

test.blend was made using my normal blender config directory; this issue doesn't happen (at least not yet) with the default scene from a fresh install, so apparently there is some kind of config or setting causing it.



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Thank you -- but are you sure? The link you provided describes the zoom being limited, but once I try to zoom past the limit, I am unable to zoom in or out, or translate the view whatsoever, until I shift-c alt-home. (Again, you have to zoom to the stop, but then push in to it a bit to make it lock up.)

For example, if I open the test.blend and shift-a add a cube (just the default 2'x2'x2') this is the closest I am able to zoom in to that cube, no matter how I try, using the ctrl/shift-MMB type navigation (walk navigation works, but when I get out of it, it's frozen again.)

Surely that can't be intended behavior? Or maybe I've just botched some navigation or scaling setting that is causing this?

You should be able to zoom out, if you can't, show the steps to reproduce the error.

I can not zoom out -- the test.blend uploaded above has the error. But you need to zoom in to where it stops, and then keep "pushing" against the stop a little bit. If it lets you zoom out, zoom back in to the stop and push a little bit more, etc. Pretty soon it will lock up, and you can neither zoom out nor translate the viewpoint. Only MMB-drag will allow you to rotate. Alt-Home will not break the lockup, only shift-c does.

Same thing happening in Windows, for the record. In case it helps, here's an animated gif demonstrating the issue (this is with test.blend):

This is still happening in 779860d34e26, just FYI. Shouldn't this bug be re-opened? Was anyone able to reproduce with the demo project file? (See the animated gif for the method to trigger it.)

Interesting development: the most recent version (c7cf8282a6ab) seems to have fixed this when MMB zooming on an object. The viewport still freezes when you MMB and push in to empty space, but it's a nice improvement to not have it freeze when zooming to an object (unlike e.g. 779860d34e26, see last post.)

(And: still seems like a bug to have it lock up when zooming to empty space.)

I cannot reproduce this.
I tried to zoom-in 20+ screen heights, release MMB, then zoom-out with Ctrl + MMB.
But, this does just slows down zooming-out and never lock up the zoom level.

Thanks Satoshi -- I see that you are correct -- I didn't notice the tiny changes in zoom because it only takes me 2 or 3 screen heights to lock it up, but after releasing the MMB it takes 10 or 20 screen heights the opposite direction to see only a tiny movement. Then if I stop and do further zoom-out movements, it moves quickly. I will stop commenting on this bug and assume that this is all intentional, even if it's hard to imagine why for a beginner like me.