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Blender file explorer hard deletes data
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Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: GTX1080Ti

Blender Version
Broken: 2.8

Short description of error
Deleting a file in Blender's file explorer on Windows hard deletes the file. I don't think that's how any Windows app should behave. Common standard for deleting files within all Windows applications I know of should be soft deletion, which means moving the files to recycle bin. One accidental deletion can be completely destructive.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
1, On Windows, open Blender
2, In Blender, open File Browser and delete any file or folder

Result: The file has been hard deleted (not present in recycle bin)

Expected: The file has been soft deleted (moved to recycle bin)


To Do

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Yeah this is really scary. Currently, if you are not careful, you can completely screw up your system from the Blender File Browser. This is not acceptable behaviour.

IMO we should either remove the ability to delete stuff from the File Browser completely, or make it do what you suggest - to use the system Trash / Recycle Bin.

It's not a bug though - but a critical issue. Not sure how to triage.

It's not a bug though - but a critical issue. Not sure how to triage.

Yes, I wasn't sure about this either, but at the same time, I can't imagine putting this on rightclickselect. That's where ideas go to die. I think Blender needs some more official channel for things that are not necessarily new feature requests, but not bugs either. Something called "Issues" with some voting system. That would be ideal place for things like this, or other things that are broken (such as texture baking) but not technically bugged.

William Reynish (billreynish) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.EditedMon, Feb 11, 1:00 PM

I'll mark it as a confirmed bug because of the severity of the danger of this issue. We could consider it a bug that it doesn't use the system Trash, even though it's not a normal bug in the traditional sense.

At the very least, it's misguided behaviour that can cause real destructive harm.

This raises some questions - should a file selector allow destructive operations at all (I quite like that Gnome/GTK file selector is readonly).

Even if this is done, Blender has a file-space type - where renaming/deleting is something we probably want to keep.

Setting as a TODO.

I vote for ability to retain all the functionality, just changing what delete does from hard delete to moving to recycle bin. I am not familiar how hard it is to implement on Windows, but if it's not too hard, that would be the way to go. All the other Windows software has either its own file browser or uses the Windows one, but in both cases, deleting is expected to mean moving to recycle bin.