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Tweaks to Blender desktop icons
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This patch provides:

  • colors aligned with the Blender brand guidelines
  • a fix for a small artifact in the 256x256 macOS icon (on the left side of the image there was a cropped shadow effect)



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I haven't noticed the shadow issue, but I trust you are correct.

I do have another tweak to the Blender document icon on macOS. I thought it was fun to make the logo big and cropped - I liked the way the paper flips over the logo. But it's really not correct - the logo is not complete and it doesn't fit with macOS guidelines either.



I started updating the Blender branding page to make this process easier.
Make sure that the logo has the correct colors, which are now mentioned in the page.

It should have - I used the logo directly from that page. Unless the color profile has somehow caused an issue, it should be correct.

They were converted to icons using the Image2icon app - perhaps this could have caused an issue?

I should have mentioned that there were some changes to the logo colors recently. Over time, a variety of logos appeared online (even on itself). Therefore I looked for the "official" colors, from the original logo design, and remade and uploaded all the logos again.

I also added a colors section, which specifies the exact Pantone values, with a possible hex translation.

Because of that, it would be great if you could regenerate the file blender file icon.icns.

@Francesco Siddi (fsiddi) Here's a new set of Mac icons, based on the latest logo png from the official branding page.

@William Reynish (billreynish) Check the white ring in the two lower icons, it's not white in some places.

Since I couldn't get this reviewed I have committed fixes now.