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Radius in place of Size at Empty viewport menu
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am new to blender and not know where to post this but plz check it.It seem wrong to me


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This not a bug.
You are adjusting the radius of the empty with that setting.

There is a mismatch in naming the same parameter in different places. Adjust Last Operator (radius) vs. Properties editor (size).

@Hassan (fasihulhassan) Try post in this thread.

This was already changed for spheres T57718 [in a way it is the other way around there -- was changed from size to radius]

@William Reynish (billreynish): should we add this to papercuts T56950?

maybe @Nathan Craddock (Zachman) wants to have a go at this as well?

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Yeah I'll fix it. While I'm at it, I'll check other object types to see if there are similar discrepancies and fix those too

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So @Brecht Van Lommel (brecht), just a question on this implementation. From what I can see, it wouldn't make sense to make all the empty types strictly radius or size. For example, radius makes sense for the circle or the single arrow, but not for the cube or the image. In the operator execute function it would be easy to add a condition based on the type to switch between a size and radius property, but that would require two properties on the operator, which is confusing. Would there be a way to control which property shows on the operator? Or is there another solution I'm not thinking of.

You can hide/show different properties in the UI with a custom operator draw functions.

But just rename it to size always, making it different depending on the type is not that helpful.