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Add icon theme color categories for Properties sections
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We could add just a few theme color categories here, which represent the datablock type they are connected to.
Thie means

  • Tool
  • Scene (Render, Output, Scene, View Layers)
  • Object (Object, Physics, Particles, Modifiers, Constraints)
  • ObData
  • Materials
  • World

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The exact colors and saturation is secondary. This would be defined in the theme anyway.

Doesn't the idea of categorizing the Properties icons in the way that you have suggested also imply that the current order of them could be improved? Why not have them in the order that better reflects the organization you want?

I do like this order a lot more, it seems more organized and logical.

I would probably put render layers third, right bellow picture settings, since they are also render related. Scene and World would come fourth and fifth respectively
Since Picture settings are mostly the same regardless of render engine, so they should probably also come first, and render engine next, but I don't have strong feelings about it.

Yes, the exact order I'm not too worried about either, but I do like the idea of having four separate sections, rather than our current three.

Although currently having them in sections has little effect because our separators are weak and narrow. It is difficult to tell that they are in sections at all, hence the strong white lines in my mockup. Having them strongly divided makes the problem (find one particular icon) a smaller one.

just my opinion of two cents ....

probably since blender 1.8 I have always wanted that damn empty "world" section to be unified in some way in a sub-category of the materials panel ....


something like ... the world section as a subcategory of material is always present to be accessible as a collapsed panel, but if no object is selected, or "world" is selected on the outliner, it appears as editable material in the panel of materials. as it happens also for the lights if these are selected ..

and what do you tell me instead of that "texture" panel ...

is there anyone who still uses it since the blender internal is in disuse and the nodes are consolidated?

they are zombie sections ...

@William Reynish (billreynish) Is this as it was designed or it's a bug?

Look at the green Draw icon.

@William Reynish (billreynish) Is this as it was designed or it's a bug?
Look at the green Draw icon.

same for these too.