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Add Material Slot selection to Shader Editor
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When using the Shader Editor, you can use it instead of the Material Properties, except for the fact that there is no way to switch the active material slot.

We should add this to the header, like so:

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I want to take this on!

I'm worried that it might complicate the process of choosing a different material to edit though:

  • When you change the material in the material data block selector, are you changing the material in the selected slot?
  • .... or, is it the other way around, and changing the slot will just change the slot that the selected material is in? (and a material not in a slot would have a separate value)

Also, I think it might make sense to move the "Use Nodes" elsewhere to make room for this? I don't see that used very much, and it takes up the space that the slot does in the mockup. It could be moved to the settings panel in the shader editor sidebar.

@Hans Goudey (HooglyBoogly) it would work exactly like changing the active material slot inside Material Properties.

And yes, Use Nodes is something we should remove, but it’s unrelated to this task, so leave it for now.

How is this? D4583

I chose to just display "Slot #" to avoid some confusion and redundancy. Material slots vs. materials themselves can be confusing for new users, so I think separating them a bit by not displaying the name twice is valuable.