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Error when trying to import .obj files into Blender 2.8
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Amd fx 8320 20gb ram
Windows 10 64 version 1809
nvidia 1060 6gb

Blender version 2018 12 07 1828

When I try to import Wavefront (.obj) objects into 2.8 I get a wha looks like 3 errors on the error window. The first one is a pathname ending with addons\io_scene_obj\_init_py"
The last error is a runtime error.

To reproduce the error all you have to do is import a .obj file. That's all I did.
I attached the error window.



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Could it be something to do with the previous uv mapping done on the model while in .obj format?

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Please include the OBJ file here…

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Thanks, but eeeeeeek!

Blender version 2018 12 07

Like, really, over two months old build? Afaik, this has been fixed several weeks ago, at least cannot reproduce it here with current code. Please always try the latest build from our buildbot before making a report…

wait i have same problem,how fix