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3D View: Toggle Views
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Toggle Camera from PERSP view to SIDE view and back (depends on camera vector)
Updated existing ad-don to support Blender 2.8
Version for Blender 2.79

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This certainly looks like useful functionality - that could be in Blender by default
Not sure if we can integrate this functionality in the existing keymap somehow...

Just a bit of opinion: Perspective view really needs to become a thing in Blender the way it is in every other 3D package so you can switch from a user perspective view to another view like top/front/right and then *return* to that original view. The camera view actually implements this on its own, saving and restoring the view state, but otherwise when you switch to say front view, the information about the prior view state is lost.

This is a new user confusion issue when someone clicks on the view gizmo in the upper right of the 3dview. They click on say the little red X dot and now they'er in a right perspective view with no idea how to "get back out". The idea that you need to rotate the 3dview manually to get back to something like the original perspective is hardly obvious or intuitive.

the biggest advantage of this addon for me is that it locks the view, so I can't accidentally rotate the view.
but now I've started to experience a new problem: I need to adjust 'clip start' all the time.
I've been using this addon for many years as one of basic features in my workflow, and I don't remember such problem in 2.79
but it also happens while switching to ortho manually, so its something about 2.8 I guess

hi, I like this conceptually. We also have the Stored Views addon in addons contrib atm, imo this may fit into stored views. I still need to repair stored views, what do you think?

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