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EOL GPU problems tracking report
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This is a task to keep track of End Of Life GPU problems with blender 2.8

(Note that closed issues at time of writing is not because they are resolved but because of lack of respons from reporter)

HD 8550G T58544
HD 7730M T63243
HD 7600M T60001
HD 7450M T61890
HD 7420G T63149
HD 7160M T61165
HD 6870 T64081
HD 5700 T62572
HD 5700 T62701
HD 4850 T61206
HD 4600 T59738 T61896 T63850
HD 4550 T60104
HD 4500M T63661
HD 4350 T59635
HD 3650 T60681
HD 3450 T63751
HD 3200 T62543
HD 2600 T59738

GTX 9800 T60425


HD 6750 T62072
HD 4870 T62982
HD 2400 XT T60979
GS 8800 T59955
GT 9600M T61844
GT 130 T61551
GT 320M T60179
780M T62578
640M T63018
Quadro 4000 T62766


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