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EOL GPU problems tracking report
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This is a task to keep track of End Of Life GPU problems with blender 2.8

(Note that closed issues at time of writing is not because they are resolved but because of lack of respons from reporter)


HD 8670M T64469: UI and 3D viewport doesn't update visually unless mouse hovers over other UI elements
HD 8550G T58544: White Viewport in [Object Mode]
HD 7730M T63243: When I select a faces or vertices, the faces flash on the view. This error does not occur if I rotate the view
HD 7600M T60001: Radeon HD, MESA Linux Gallium r600, Light and Shadows Broken
HD 7450M T61890: AMD Radeon HD 7450M. Exit before splash screen. 4-component vector of vec4 to: 4-component vector of uvec4
HD 7420G T63149: Interface and vertices flickering
HD 7160M T61165: Blender 2.8 beta doesnt start
HD 6870 T64081: Eevee glitching [Linux, Radeon GPU]
HD 5700 T62572: unwrapping bug
HD 5700 T62701: Hair edit mode crashes with AMD Radeon HD 5700
HD4870 T65721: Crash on start
HD 4850 T61206: Linux and AMD RV770 interface glitches
HD 4600 T59738: Buggy GUI T61896: UI graphic glich T63850: Icons bug
HD 4550 T60104: Blender's visuals go transparent and spasms
HD 4500M T63661: Unstable back color in menues/ titlescreen. shifting Transparency /black
HD 4350 T59635: blender 2.80.0 beta wont open on windows machine
HD 4300 T65075: blender interface background of menus and every element in ui flickers (transparent and not)
HD 3650 T60681: Blinking menu and other menu
HD 3450 T63751: when i open blender beta it chashes at start
HD 3200 T62543: Crash at startup
HD 2600 T59738: Buggy GUI


GTX 9800 T60425: EEVEE objects black when using shadows, on 9800 GTX
GTX 9800 T65250: Slackware, Blender 2.8 UI fonts glitch with nouveu driver.


HD GFX (Baytrail) T65138: Intel HD Graphics bone selection problems in edit mode/pose mode
HD 4000 T58938: Crash when using EEVEE and Intel HD 4000 T65666: Blender not responding a lot of time, especialy when working with texture and materials


HD 6750 T62072: Princioled BSDF and Indirect Lighting BUG T65453: Bake indirect lighting turns irradiance volumes into black areas
HD 4870 T62982: Blender 2D draw mode shows as corrupted screen
HD 4670 T66014: Blender 2.8 using Mac OS, all objects turn black in Lookdev mode
HD 2400 XT T60979: 2D Animation view goes crazy when trying to use brush
GS 8800 T59955: Blender starts with totally corrupted graphics
GT 9600M T61844: User interface looks very weird when starting Blender 2.8 with older MacBook Pro (Mid 2009)
GT 130 T61551: macOS 10.11 and NVIDIA user interface display broken
GT 320M T60179: Bad render of default scene Mac OSX
780M T62578: Eevee Screen Space Reflections crashes on OSX 10.9 / 10.11
640M T63018: macOS 10.10 / NVIDIA: missing letters in 2.80 UI
Quadro 4000 T62766: Eevee DOF cut plane
HD 3000 T65551: Bad shading on LockDev on Macbook 11"


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