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Write Arabic Text on Blender 2.8
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This addon allow users to write text in Arabic

How to use:

  • Add/Select a Text object
  • From the "Object Data" tab, select a font that contains Arabic characters
  • Activate this addon by pressing CTRL+F1 on the keyborad OR by executing the operator labeled "Write Arabic Text"
  • Edit text as you do usually by entering edit mode and writing the text you want


  • Non-Arabic letters will be added from right to left, so if you write "Text" it will appear as "txeT", to get over this, you can write your non-Arabic text reversed (ie: write "txeT" to get "Text") or just disactivate this addon


Because of the lack of tools provided by the module "bpy.ops.font", this addon contain a relatively complicated code.
As a result, expect to get wrong results or error messages when using it.



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Rasheed mh (alfanak) updated the task description. (Show Details)

Personally I'd love to have a design doc somewhere where we can explore what might be needed to properly support right-to-left languages like Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu, etc.

This code is not the right/standard way to implment text writing support.
I have no documentation for that, and i don't know the right way fonts works, or how other languages are written.

If you have a specific question about the code itself i would be glad to help.

The problem you describe is that Blender does not support RTL language.