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Saves corrupted file causing weird crashing behaviour
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System Information
Operating system: Windows Pro 64 bit
Graphics card: GTX 1050

Blender Version
Broken: 2019-03-08 0ba143a1d675

Short description of error
Crashes when entering edit mode or even the Outliner layout tab. I was working on a complex file when suddenly it started crashing doing various things. I removed all of the objects except one where it crashes upon entering edit mode every time. Don't know why Blender is corrupting files like this.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
In the uploaded file select the washer object. Enter edit mode. Or click the Outliner tab. I have no idea how to reproduce these errors from the original startup file.



Event Timeline

Thanks for the report, issue has been already identified and fixed today (together with a trick to make corrupted files readable again, and fix that corruption).