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Linking-in a collection from a library file will link-in and instantiate a nested collection-instance defined within that library file
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Kubuntu 18.10, Snap: 2.80-795effcbc815 2019-03-01

Generally, I consider everything within the instance to be an implementation detail (except for the "API" which would be an armature).

(AFAICT) I have tried all options in the outliner of the library file to avoid the instantiation of the nested collection to no avail (Visibility, even Holdout). Also changing the "Display Instancer" checkbox in the Instancing section of the properties editor has no effect on that.

So far I worked around this by excluding the instances from the view layer in the file where I use it, but it is getting a bit tedious.

A very simple blend:

  • Link in the collection "public" from lib.blend
  • Notice that the collection "impl-detail" is present in the outliner and visible
  • Work-around it by excluding impl-detail from the view-layer with 'E'



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Sebastian Koenig (sebastian_k) closed this task as Resolved.

Thanks for the report, but if I am not mistaken this was fixed a few days ago:
@Dirk (d-egg), try again with a recent build.

It was! Thanks. Sorry, I will adjust my idea of "recent enough" somewhere below 334800 seconds. :)

Hehe, yeah, with Blender's development speed you better compile immediately after finding a bug. It might already be fixed! :)