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Hair and render bug
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Blender Version
Broken: the particles (Hair and everything eles) and rendering
(Blender: 2.80 Beta) 10/03/2019

Short description of error
My blender Carshed when i tried to have more than one hair particles on(and render this secene here)

I first got to know bout this Problem when i tried to active more than one hair onto hair particles on my models of mine today.

I think it´s a Bug of some sort and i hope it´ll be fixed soon.
I always download a new version of the Beta every once in a while to update the Beta to get the latest version of it.
1: Display Modfier in viewport - Head
2: Display Modfier in viewport - Neck
Than after that it crash,
Im useing GPU.



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William Reynish (billreynish) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.

Please attach an example blend file so we can try and reproduce the issue. Thanks.

We also need *exact* steps to reproduce the bug from your blend file. There's a reason why it is required in the bug report form.

We also need to know your OS and GPU, which were also part of the bug report form that you deleted.


You've supplied three blend files here. I tested with Nat.blend and enabled both Head and Neck particle system.

No crash here.

Please add your OS and GPU. Thanks

tried my best to explian the best´s, not sure if i use OS or GPU, but im gonna add GPU.

We need to know what operating system (OS) you are using, and which graphical processing unit (GPU) you are using.

On macOS 10.14 and AMD Radeon R9, it works normally:

Must be a bug with my Blender than.

Say do you think redownloading the beta is going to work for me if i wanna slove this Problem?

i sloved it by redownloading Blender.

In your report, you said you used a build from today, but that seems to be false, given that your issue is solved by re-downloading.

Marking as invalid

Im Sorry, i just didn´t know.