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gltf export .bin filename doesn't match .gltf filename after a Blender SaveAs
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Home
Graphics card: nVidia GTX 1070

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80, e5ab2b9c629e

Short description of error
Blender File SaveAs changes the next gltf file export .gltf name, but not the .bin name

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I opened Modular-Building-1-v1.7.blend
I did a gltf unembedded export
As expected, I got Modular-Building-1-v1.7.gltf and Modular-Building-1-v1.7.bin
I did a Blender File SaveAs to Modular-Building-1-v1.7-BFCSO.blend
I deleted many objects, leaving just the portion for which I want a separate .gltf/.bin etc.
I did a gltf unembedded export
Expected: get Modular-Building-1-v1.7-BFCSO.gltf and Modular-Building-1-v1.7-BFCSO.bin
Actual: got Modular-Building-1-v1.7-BFCSO.gltf but Modular-Building-1-v1.7.bin

Getting both files renamed by default (so .bin name follows the .gltf name) is better when one is trying to use several .gltf/.bin pairs with shared materials all in the same dir.

Event Timeline

On further examination, it appears that the bug is that the bin filename gets truncated at the first "." instead of the last one.

yes, if i do a SaveAs of the blender file to "Modular-Building-1-v1p7-BFCSO.blend, then the .gltf and .bin filenames are matched and correct.

Retested in 40412499433e
Confirmed that Bug is still present
The truncation of the .bin filename still occurs at a "." that exists in the blend filename before the final ".blend" (but the .gltf filename remains complete/correct)