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Keyframe values get reset while setting keyframes
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(Bug occured on two systems with two Blender 2.8 versions.)
System Information
Operating system: (1) Arch Linux, (2) Windows 10
Graphics card: (1)Rx 580, (2) GTX 1050 mobile

Blender Version
Broken: (1) 2.8 81a7f6c84844, (2) 2.8 90f6fd0a3651
Worked: 2.79b 2c0c1f494dcf

If you want to animate something, that requres multiple values to be keyed simultaniousely, you will run into issues with keyframe values being reset.

How to reproduce

  1. select Deafult Cube
  2. set a keyframe to Rotation and Translation
  3. go to another spot in timeline
  4. change Rotation and Translation of Cube
  5. Set a second keyframe to Translation. Now the changes to rotation will have disappeared.