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Improve organization of Paint Mode tool settings
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When using the paint modes, we have a Tools section in the Properties.

Currently it looks like this:

The problem is that it's incredibly disorganized.

  • The color palette swatches are far away from the palette picker
  • The color gradient appears far away from the Use Gradient checkbox
  • The lock icons next to the Strength and Radius icons have nothing to do with locking anything at all
  • The brush picker itself is overly large, and the current, fixed images don't update when you change brush settings

So, here's how we could re-organize the Paint Mode Tool Properties:

Sub-sections opened:

  • Organize things more logically.
    • Keep palette picker and the palette itself together.
    • Keep Gradient checkbox and gradient controls together
  • Improve the brush preview and make it dynamic (harder)
  • Improve the color wheel and color foreground/background controls
  • Color wheel slider is much too narrow currently - make it wider and easier to hit.
  • Remove the lock icons and add a separate panel with descriptive options instead.


To Do