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Multi-object-Mode: EditMode transform properties
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Edit-mode buttons currently only show median values for the active edit-object.

Short description of error
The Mean Crease value of the N panel doesn't work for multiple objects:
Here i have 2 objects selected

In Edit Mode changing the Mean Crease value does change its effect only on the selected object:

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That's an interesting topic of discussion. This is not exclusive to creases, the same is valid for Transform for instance.
I would say the bug is that Alt+Edit a property in the UI is not working for edit mode, only object mode settings. Maybe in this case it should work without [alt] being required though. Not sure.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) what do you say? TODO or bug?

This could be supported w/o Alt+Edit, just as operators don't a different way to access editing multiple edit objects at once (from the user perspective).

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The median value showed is for all objects iirc (not in my computer now). Bur editing only affects the active.

Edit: Nevermind, it indeed only shows for the active.