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Add-on for assigning Bezier curve shape keys
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With this add-on users can assign one or more Bezier curves as shape keys to another curve object.
If curves have multiple splines, it's possible to match them based on a number of pre-defined criteria.
Closed (cyclic) spline vertices can be aligned manually for smoother transition.

Supported Blender version: 2.8

Repository Path:
Script File:

Review Video:
Usage Example 1 (Fix Curve Shape Key After Topology Change):

Review of Manual Vertex Alignment Feature:
Usage Example 2 (Font Morphing):



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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Normal.Jun 4 2019, 4:01 AM

@Vladimir Spivak (cwolf3d) have you seen this one?
@Shrinivas (Shrinivas) hi, thanks for your activity, your addon looks very useful. Thank you for the Videos, they really show what this addon is capable of.
I think this could be a useful addition to Blender.

Thank you!
Do let me know if you have any suggestions or queries with regard to the code.

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.Jun 13 2019, 4:04 AM

hi, I'm raising status, It would be a nice addition to 2.8 I think. Can you please check with nightly builds to make sure code is working correctly, I don't see any issue, but it's worth regular checking.
Have you looked at and ? Are you prepared to maintain the addon within Blender through the 2.8 series? Let me know so we can look at your access to the addons repository. I've also noticed your activity updating other addons and it's much appreciated.

Yes, I will make sure the add-on remains intact with the new changes in 2.8 code.
And I will be happy to maintain the code within Blender repository. Kindly let me know what I need to do next, apart from going through the Wiki pages you've given.

Thanks again for your time.

hi, if you can join this mailing list: and mail:

Re: Commit Access to Addons Repository: ATT: @ideasman42


Hi my name is: "your name"
My user name on is: "your user name here"
I would like commit access to the addons repository.
I am the maintainer of/my addon is:
New to Blender and it's task is here: "inset addon name and task name".
or I'm the Author of an addon in Blender and I wish to update the addon: "inset addon name and task name if applicable".
or I'm a new maintainer of an addon in Blender and I wish to update the addon/s "inset addon/s name/s and task name/s if applicable".

I'm familiar with git usage and my repo is here: "your git hub" *not needed but why not if you have one. It's important to know git usage before committing to the Blender addons repo.

It's also useful to join this mailing list: as this list mails out the commits. is a good read. and provide a good place to discuss your addon or issues if needed. It's good also to drop in and say hi and meet other developers and provides a good communication platform.
Final note: Addons in the Blender repository are updated by addons devs and Blender core devs help with api updates/fixes. As there's multiple people committing it's important to make sure your local folders are updated to current before committing your self.

Any issues please let us know.
Thanks for your interest and support.

Hello, I got the commit access to the repository today. Thank you!
Please let me know whether I can commit the add-on script (in release/scripts/addons?).

For your quick reference, here's the github URL of the file that I would be committing :

I have done a sanity test of the add-on with today's 2.80 build.

hi, we might need to change the file name, Would be ok?
I think it's ok to commit.
Commit messages should be: addon name: reason for commit: task number

curve_assign_shapekey: Initial commit to release: T62799

Remember to first pull the addons repo and then add your commit before push. It can happen people commit at different times so fresh is always best to avoid issues.
Welcome and thanks for your efforts, we look forward to your addons development.

hi, I made some changes, added property group, panel and reg to bottom of the script, trimmed trailing whitespace, 2 lines between classes. Feel free to check it out and commit if your happy.

I have committed these changes. Also moved the entire UI logic to the bottom so that the related parts are all together. Hope this is OK.
Thank you for doing this , actually I should have checked for the trailing spaces before the intial commit.

Also, I thought of updating the wiki for the add-on but noticed that the add-ons wiki site is undergoing some maintenance.
Would it be alright to include the link of the readme file on my github repository as wiki_url?

Yes, you can include the link to your github docs. Thanks for updating. I had a little play with the addon today and it's quite nice. I was easily able to do the square to circle from your video. I also tried Text converted to curves. There were some artifacts, I guess they are solved by the vertex positioning. (I didn't watch the text video yet) Thanks again. if you can drop into at some stage to say hi It would be great. I'll close this task shortly and we can look at your other scripts/tasks.

The artifacts are maybe because the text curves are 2d. If you make the curves 3d probably (not sure though) they would go away. Thank you for the feedback :)
I tried connecting to the chat URL, but am unable to access it from the web browser (Firefox / Linux). Do I need a separate chat client?
Or maybe I should put this problem on forum.

hi, maybe try you might need a or there's irc freenode #blenderpython no big need though we can discuss things as they arise in their tasks. I'll test the text some more, it's not a big issue.

Hi, works, thank you! My chat handle is Khemadeva. Hope to meet you there some time.

About the add-on, just in case you get time and want to play around, you may want to enable the 'Add Curve Extra Objects' add-on. With this there are a number of Bezier shapes available in the Add->Curve menu. By pulling up 'Simple Curve' menu (available just after adding the object), the object properties can be fine tuned.
Maybe you are already aware of this but just thought of mentioning anyway.

I greatly appreciate your support and encouragement. It is very valuable, especially when one is working on the first add-on :)

Closing as resolved. Nothing more to do in this task. Any bug reports will be assigned to you. Your free to make changes and fix bugs as the need arises.