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Add separation lines to Quad View
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Reported by johnsyed on Devtalk.

In Blender 2.8, there is no separating line to separate the various views in quad view. We should add just a simple line make the borders visible:




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I'm not seeing it exactly as described. It says "there is no separating line to separate the various views" but the "Before" image definitely shows a darkened edge separating the four quad views.

It is a subtle line but it is there. In quad view the four areas get what is called "region emboss". The color that is used between each editor (TH_EDITOR_OUTLINE) is drawn at .25 opacity at each edge. And this respects the "Line Width" setting. So if "thin" (one pixel) you get 2 pixels wide of that darkening. If the line width is 2 then the line is a total of 4 (since it is drawn on all sides of each quadrant.

You can change the color of the line easy enough to see the line better if need be. Edit / Preferences / Themes / Styles / Editor Outline.

We could make that line darker, so drawn at full opacity versus one quarter opacity, but then it would look like you have 4 editors there and it can be a bit confusing since it would hard to tell where the actual editor edge is. You would have a dark edge that you cannot drag to resize or split or merge, etc. So it really should remain more subtle. Perhaps the Theme of the complainant is set to have Editor Outline that is too close to the 3D view background?

@Harley Acheson (harley) You are right - it's just extremely subtle, so I had to zoom in to see it. on a Retina display at least, the line is so thin and faint that, for all intents and purposes, you can't see it.

But it's actually a good thing that it's already there - in that case the task is probably even simpler - it's just a matter of making it more visually prominent.

I think it could just have 100% opacity. It's already thinner than the main editor dividers, so there will continue to be a visual difference.

There are definitely things that can be done. But not sure if you would prefer some captures first maybe?

Keep in mind that these are at 1X scale, but that these lines respect DPI so they get twice as wide on a retina display. Here is what it looks like at full opacity but current width. I find it too wide.

I prefer them with single-width lines. So 1 pixel wide for 1X scale, 2pixels for Retina or 2X scale, etc. Looks like a nice crisp division but looks a lot less like the editor gaps

@Harley Acheson (harley) I think the first image you posted there seems good. In the bottom one, the lines still drown a bit next to the grid lines, whereas in the top one, the weight of the lines has a better balance next to the viewport contents.

Both are an improvement though.

If you toggle off overlays then the lines between the four views remain and makes it very easy to see without the distraction of the grids etc.

I like Harley's second image personally. It's enough to delineate the different sub-views but isn't so big that it starts to intrude on the space, and also doesn't suggest that it's "important". If you give me a substantial separator then I'm gonna want to grab it and drag around to change the relative proportions of the four views (I think most other 3d apps let you do that).

I don't mind so much if it's the first or the second image. Both make the separation clearer. I would be fine with either really.

Another option is to leave the width as it is now, but make the lines easier to see.

following is with the lines at 50%

this one at 75%

I do still find these a little thick though, in that I might expect my mouse to allow resizing on them

@Harley Acheson (harley) Maybe it's just a matter of keeping the lines thin but with more opacity, more like your previous #2 image

No problem. Will make a patch. Tonight? Have a bit of (real) work to do and then a mountain bike ride. LOL

@ThinkingPolygons (ThinkingPolygons) > Are those lines themeable?

The current (almost impossible to see) lines are draw in TH_EDITOR_OUTLINE, the color between editors. That seems to be the right color theme-wise. I'll make a patch then we can have a look