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Filter Nodes depending on context
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Currently, we have a dropdown inside the Properties that let you add relevant nodes.

However, these aren't properly filtered based on context.

Node Tree Type

In the World section, it shows a list of nodes that don't properly work on this context:

And conversely, in the Material section you can pick Background which is meant for the World only.

Active Render Engine

Similarly. we should also Filter based on the current render engine. For example, the Toon BSDF and Principled Hair BSDF shader nodes aren't supported by Eevee, so we should filter them out when Eevee is selected. The reverse is true for Shader to RGB which only works in Eevee.

We should filter this menu so you can only add nodes that work properly in each context.

Submitted by user NathanWondrak on Devtalk.


To Do

Event Timeline

This would be good to add, but this is probably not a simple task for a new developer to pick up. The underlying design for this is needs to be worked out first.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) I guess each node type could have a tag to tell Blender which render engines it supports and which kind of node tree it is meant for?

Or do you think this is something we should put on hold?

I can mark this task as Archived if you prefer, and we can tackle it together with the generalized Everything Nodes project, later on?