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Grease Pencil renders incorrectly when in edit-mode
Closed, ResolvedPublic


System Information
Operating system: Darwin-17.6.0-x86_64-i386-64bit 64 Bits
Graphics card: AMD Radeon Pro 560 OpenGL Engine ATI Technologies Inc. 4.1 ATI-1.66.42

Blender Version
Broken: version: 2.80 (sub 53), branch: blender2.7, commit date: 2019-03-31 21:52, hash: rBb936d7b16c62
Worked: N/A (new feature)

Short description of error
Grease Pencil objects are displayed without any modifiers or effects in edit mode (unless "display modifier in edit mode" is selected). This is good, however, if an F12 render is performed, the edit mode object is what is rendered. Instead, the object should be rendered with effects and modifiers (according to the render settings of the modifiers/effects).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

Simply enter edit mode and press F12. Now, leave edit mode and press F12- look at the difference.
(If for some reason my .blend doesn't upload, just create a Great pencil object and add a modifier and an effect)